My 3Rensho on display at King Kog in Brooklyn.

Start of an all-over sad Joey Ramone pattern. I was drawing some ideas for a t-shirt design for my band and somehow this happened.

The people from Fed Up Fest just announced the first batch of bands to play



We are very excited to announce some of the bands that will be performing this year!
More bands TBA!

Closet Burner (IL, IN, MI)
Curmudgeon (Boston, MA)
Swimsuit Addition (Chicago, IL)
Girlcrush (Brooklyn, NY)
Body Betrayal (Seattle, WA)
Aye Nako (Brooklyn, NY)
Peeple Watchin (Boston, MA)
In School (NYC, NY)

Will be in Chicago later this summer with lots of other bands

Yeah yeah yeah yeah! Check it out—In School and Aye Nako are gonna play at Fed Up Fest this summer! Also Sorrows just got approved to play—NYC Represent!

I went to San Francisco last week to run the Rock n Roll Half Marathon as part of a charity effort for the PKD Foundation. I spent four days getting as much quality vacation time as possible. One of my best friends, Diane, showed me around to Bill Goat Hill Park, camera obscura, the Sutro Baths, Trouble coffee, Thrillhouse Records, Little Italy, etc. I was reunited with my King Kog teammate Yohta (who didn’t want to be in our picture!), and him and Serena and i went on a ride in Oakland, followed by a visit to the new shop. And more! It was a much needed visit.

The last day, I ran the half marathon. I “ran” into a few other members of the Run for PKD team and went across the Golden Gate Bridge with one woman from the team. She asked me about my father, and when I told him he has passed away she said, “you still miss him, huh?” which was such a small and sweet comment, it made me cry. I’m glad to have met the team, and happy to have raised so much money for the Foundation.

My band Sorrows is playing our first hometown show on May 3rd. I feel equal parts total excitement and dread—kinda like how I feel when I’m going on a date with someone I think is awesome and maybe out of my league. I often think, if anything, that feeling means that I’m doing something right.

I got tattooed by my good friend Tron the other day at Three Kings Tattoo, almost three years since my last one! This one fits in with my hands-as-protection-and-source-of-energy/creativity obsession and the use of arrows as positive action and direction. I remember when Tron first started tattooing, I have a couple other tattoos by her too, and she is only getting better and better. Check out her work!

doctor: “your most recent echocardiogram shows some pericardial effusion.” me: “why is that happening to me?” doctor: “no significant research has been done but sometimes people with your disease can show this symptom.”

the kind of empty response you hear when you have a rare and understudied disease. I heard this a few times last year about several ailments/symptoms I have, and it continues to be one of the most frustrating things about having an incurable physical illness.

just one of the reasons I love this band.

Sorrows was fucking great at Smash It Dead! Definitely my favorite set of the weekend. I was trying to find y'all online and failed but saw your post when searching the SID tag on here. Do you have any releases planned for the near future?

Aw thanks so much! That’s so nice to hear. We are impossible to find online, it might be because we’re so new (we only formed about two months ago). I haven’t posted our bandcamp because it only has one crappy practice recording that I’m kind of embarrassed about, but what the heck—you can find it here. We’re trying to record a demo before our next show on May 2nd, but so far it isn’t working out with any of the recording people we’ve emailed. I’m anxious about getting it out so once we do I’ll definitely post about it!!

Jumping on the bed at the motel Our set at Smash It Dead Fest Baby steps towards a harder hardstyle.

This weekend my new band Sorrows went up to Smash It Dead Fest in Cambridge, MA to play our first show. It was great. Our housing fell through the first night and we had to stay in a motel, which turned out to be so much fun. Our set on Saturday was short and sweet, but I’m already learning a lot and I think we played really well. All the other bands, the organizers, volunteers, tablers—everyone was so supportive and welcoming, it’s something I find lacking about the punk scene here in NYC, so it was a refreshing environment to be in. I really missed playing shows, touring, traveling, all with my best friends. Can’t wait for more.

My dad. Today is 3 years since he passed. I prefer looking at pictures of him before I knew him, like he’s just some cool stranger. There are parts of my life I should clean up, or organize, or just deal with but I’m afraid to stumble across images of us together, or when he started getting sick, because it still hurts too much, so a lot of things pile up and I have so much clutter it drives me a bit nuts. In the meantime I will wonder about this guy, and wish I could have gone for a ride in that car.

N for necklace, Dead Moon necklace! My friend Sarah makes some pretty cool things, check them out at her Etsy page.

So glad to get my hands on these records. I saw Permanent Ruin last night, and Hysterics are playing NY again in May before their European tour. I went to a dark place with punk these past couple of years, but bands like these give me hope again.